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Disposable nitrile ambidextrous glove (in box of 100 pcs)

product code: A105114
Disposable nitrile ambidextrous glove (in box of 100 pcs) - A105114
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Disposable nitrile ambidextrous glove. Suitable for sensitive skin.
Sensitive and resistant.
The textured surface on the fingertips ensures optimal grip.
Finely powdered.
Suitable for use in hospitals, outpatient, laboratory and food industry.


The product is certified as a medical device class 1.
In compliance with the provisions of the GUIDELINES FOR THE DEFINITION OF STANDARD SAFETY AND HEALTH DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL OPERATORS drafted by ISPESL, the gloves were tested to determine the ability to be impermeable barrier and provide effective protection against viral agents and pathogens ensuring the impermeability of gloves to blood and body fluids that may contain these pests.

The product has also been tested by the notified body CE0465 for risk protection MECHANICAL, CHEMICAL AND BIOLOGICAL, in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 475: implementation of Directive 89/686/ EEC Directive with reference to the provisions of the aforementioned guidelines ISPESL.

The product does not bear the marking as PPE validity of the legislation which provides that the examination gloves are considered medical devices and does not allow a product can simultaneously be marked as medical device and which personal protective equipment (vds. Note Min. Health DGFDM III/P/13228/I 1c.r.)


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Legislative Decree. n. 475/92, Legislative Decree no. 626/94,
Directive 89/686/EEC

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European Pharmacopoeia Current Ed.

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