Terms of Sale



Terms and expressions listed hereunder shall have the meaning given below, it being understood that the terms defined in the singular have to be considered defined even in the plural form.
Customer means any subject (person or legal) purchasing one or more products in the online Shop, accepting the General Conditions.
Tecnolatte S.r.l. is based in Lodi, Viale Italia, 59, registered with the Vat code no. 01977170156, registered in the CCIAA of Lodi with REA no. 0885599, capital subscribed € 90.000,00.
Parties: means jointly Tecnolatte S.r.l. and customers.
General Conditions: means these general conditions of sale and any future new versions that will be published in the online shop.
Shop online: it means a virtual shop, managed by Tecnolatte S.r.l. through which you can buy the products.
Sale and Purchase Agreement: means the "Sale and Purchase Agreements" of the Products entered into, pursuant to art. 3, between Tecnolatte S.r.l. and customers through the shop online.
Orders: it means purchase orders of products sent by customers, according to the General Conditions and following the procedures in art. 6.
Price: means the sale price of the Products as specified in the shop online to each product.
Products: mean the products published in the Store online for their sale.

2. Subject

2.1 General Conditions apply to all the Sale and Purchase Agreement and form an integral part

2.2 Tecnolatte S.r.l. reserves the right to modify at any time the General Conditions, provided that will be considered applicable to the "Sale and Purchase Agreements" published in the online shop at the time the Orders are placed by the Customers.

2.3 In case of conflict between the General Conditions and any other terms and conditions applicable to the "Sale and Purchase Agreements" published in the online shop, we will apply the terms and conditions more useful to the Customers

3. Execution of Sale and Purchase Agreement

3.1 Tecnolatte S.r.l. will send the Order Confirmation to the Customers within 2 working days since the receipt of the Orders from the Customers.

3.2 "Sale and Purchase Agreements" are deemed entered into between the parties at the time the Customers receive the Order Confirmation. Should Customers not receive the Order Confirmation within the term under clause. 3.1, the relevant Order shall be deemed as rejected by Tecnolatte S.r.l. and, therefore, ineffective.

3.3 By placing the Orders, customers claim to have read all the instructions on how to purchase the products of art. 6 and accepting the General Conditions and to have read all the information contained on the shop on line, also through links.

3.4 The Orders will be recorded in the database of the online shop, according to Legislative Decree. 30/06/2003 n. 196 ("Notice") and will be accessible by contacting Tecnolatte S.r.l. whose references are available in art. 15.

3.5 The customer is responsible for the correctness of the data entered in its registry and Tecnolatte S.r.l. used to issue the tax document (invoice).

4. Availability of the Products

Items offered for sale are usually available in stock. In case of stock out of individual products, they are temporarily excluded from the Shop on line. However, if they were not available for any reason, even if shown on the site, Tecnolatte S.r.l. may audit the recovery time of the stock and in case this need more than 10 days, inform the Customer the preference between receiving the Order without the temporarily missing items or wait for the recovery of the stock to have a single shipment.

5. Price and shipping costs

5.1 The Price is in € (Euro). The applicable Price is the one published in the online shop at the time the Orders are placed by the Customers.

5.2 The Price is inclusive of VAT (22 %) applied according to local law.

5.3 The Price does not include shipping costs. Tecnolatte S.r.l. may request that the Customers bear part of the costs that will vary depending on the type of delivery, the quantity of shipped Products, the volume, the weight and the destination.

5.4 If you are a professional or a company and have a VAT code, consult your personal data to add your VAT number to your account and make purchases on Tecnolatte.it.

6. How to Buy

6.1 Ordering is very simple!

6.2 Minimum order

You can buy those items you want, as long as you reach a minimum purchase requirement of € 25 including VAT.

6.3 Each order placed in Tecnolatte S.r.l. is a Customer's contract proposal therefore is binding Tecnolatte S.r.l. only if:

6.4 Issue of tax document

The tax documentation required by law will be issued by Tecnolatte S.r.l. at the time of shipment to the customer of the products ordered as specified below:
- Issue of receipt: for all registered customers as private operators (private)
- Invoice issue: for all registered customers as professional operators (company)
If you were a private operator and needed to receive an invoice, it must be specified before the order is sent.
After we send an order, we can no longer issue an invoice. The amount will be recorded fiscally in the register of fees.
We always issue a regular receipt that we send with the goods..

7. Payment

7.1 Credit card


7.2 Bank transfer

Order will be shipped only after the payment is receipt to our account of the amount due. To faster the procedures for sending the order, please send us in advance by email (highlighting number of order and your name) to [email protected] a copy of the bank transfer where the CRO number is available.

Bank transfer must be made to the following account:

IBAN: IT 69 B 05696 20300 000002597X43

7.3 Collect on delivery (Italy only) (limited to € 500,00)

Payment will be made upon receipt of merchandise and will have to be made in cash (CHEQUES ARE NOT ACCEPTED). We recommend that you prepare the exact amount indicated as the carrier can not give change.

7.4 Information received from Tecnolatte S.r.l. under this article. 7 will be used only to complete the procedures for the sale of products and the procedures for reimbursement in the event of exercising the right of withdrawal pursuant to Art. 9 by Customers. Tecnolatte S.r.l. reserves the right to cancel any order after 15 days if payment is not receipt.

8. Timing and shipping costs

8.1 For shipments on Italian territory, the site during the purchase phase is able to estimate the cost of shipping based on the weight / volume of the order as well as the destination. All orders for which you received confirmation of payment, are given to the carrier. Orders received on Saturday and Sunday will be shipped within Tuesday. Shipments and deliveries will be managed throughout the national territory, except Livigno and Campione d'Italia, by courier GLS in two to four business days (depending by the destination). By taking charge, GLS will send to the address provided by the customer one e-mail with tracking and delivery information.


In case of large orders Tecnolatte S.r.l. or upon request of the buyer reserves the right to send the shipment by Olimpia or D.L.S. or a different courier who delivers in Italy in three/five working days. For shipments to foreign countries the site is able to calculate the cost of shipping based on the weight / volume of the order as well as the destination. The expedition was entrusted to the circuit CLP (which is a member of EMS service pack). The costs of storage, which arise at the failure to deliver the order, will be charged to the customer, in case where the personal data are incorrect, ambiguous, missing key parts that prevent the normal delivery. In some periods of the year, deliveries may suffer delays such as in the pre-Christmas period or earlier in the festivities.

8.2 Shipping damaged

In the event of tampering or damage visible, it is essential to accept delivery registering the reserve to the carrier . Otherwise you will not give rise to reimbursements for damaged goods and not reported at the time of delivery.

8.3 Shipping of perishable goods

For purchases of rapidly perishable goods, Tecnolatte provides the optional refrigerated shipping service, able to maintain the temperature suitable for the perfect maintenance of the products purchased for up to 5 days. In the event that the refrigerated shipping service is not optioned, Tecnolatte cannot be held responsible for the deterioration of the products shipped under any circumstances.

9. Return Policy

9.1 The Customers classified as "consumers" (ie private persons acting for personal purposes and not for professional business), are entitled, according to Art. 64 of D.lg. N. 206/2005, to withdraw from the Purchase within 30 days of receipt of the Items. The right of withdrawal must be exercised by sending to Tecnolatte S.r.l. a written notice, to the e-mail listed in art. 16, containing:

9.2 In case the customer wants to exercise the right to withdraw according to this clause n.9:

9.3 Pursuant to article 59 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal for products remains excluded:
(a) Made to measure or clearly personalized.
(b) Which are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly.
(c) Sealed, which are not suitable for return for hygienic or health protection reasons.
(d) Have been opened after delivery.

In particular the products on sale in this eShop and belonging to the categories.
1- Coagulants and Additives
2- Coagulants and rennet "Ditta Rappelli since 1919"
3- "Hobby Cheese"
having the characteristics expressed by letters b) and c) listed above, the right of withdrawal is excluded.

9.4 Should the Customers which exercise the right of withdrawal does not comply with the procedures and time limits available in this article 9, the Customers will not be entitled to reimbursement of the price.

9.5 Tecnolatte S.r.l. in the case of purchase by credit card will return the amount paid directly into the card account, for other payment methods, the customers communicate the bank account for reimbursement of the price (IBAN, BIC/SWIFT CODE and Bank details).

10. Vices / Discrepancies Products

10.1 The Customer "Consumer" (as defined in art. 9.1) may require the seller, within the time limit referred in Article. 132 of D.lg. n. 206/05 (Consumer Code), the remedies provided by the Consumer Code for lack of conformity of products in existence at the time of delivery.

11. Product liability

Tecnolatte S.r.l. as a distributor of goods produced by third parties, can not be liable for whatever damage caused by defects of the products themselves.

12. Privacy and cookie policy

Tecnolatte S.r.l. declares and guarantees that personal data shall be treated in accordance with the provisions of D.lg. n. 196/03, and following amendment. Details relating to the treatment of data are communicated to the Customers at the time of registration. Read the disclosure.

13. Intellectual Property

All intellectual property rights related to the e-shop (including its contents) are the exclusive property of Tecnolatte S.r.l.; Shop online and its contents can not be reproduced in whole or in part, transferred by electronic or conventional means, modified, linked or used in any way without the prior written consent of Tecnolatte S.r.l.

14. Applicable law

14.1 The General Conditions and the "Sale and Purchase Agreements" are governed by Italian law (and in particular by D.lg. n. 206 of 06/09/2005 - Articles from 50 to 67 governing distance contracts - and by Legislative Decree 70 of 09 / 04/2003 regarding electronic commerce) and according to this should be interpreted.

14.2 Any dispute that may arise in connection to the General Conditions and/or the Sale and Purchase Agreement will be exclusively competent the court of Lodi.

15. Contacts

For more information and assistance on the shop online or on how to purchase in the shop online or on the "Sale and Purchase Agreements", the Customers may contact Tecnolatte S.r.l. exclusively through our Customer Service by email at [email protected].