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Vegetal coagulant - Cynargal can 6 Kg

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Product description:

The Cynargal line Hobby Cheese® is an enzyme coagulant extracted from the thistle flower that comes in liquid form, amber color and characteristic odor. Slight color differences between different lots depend on the naturalness of the raw material used.

Product Overview

The extraction of the enzyme occurs, as for all natural products proposed in the Hobby line Cheese®, with an appropriate methodology specifically designed for this innovative coagulant.
The Cynargal is produced by extraction of plant enzymes from the flowers of thistle (Cynara cardunculus), macerated, filtered and concentrated to obtain a liquid particularly suitable for coagulation of milk and cheese production.
As the traditional rennet, Cynargal decomposes the kappa casein micelles composed of casein contained in milk. Coagulation occurs as the plant enzymes are able to modify the protective colloid allowing the flocculation of the other protein components of the casein.

Activities and dosage
The activity expressed in degrees Soxhlet apparatus (SH°) is 1/6,000 for which takes about 100 grams of Cynargal to coagulate 100 liters of milk. The dosage may vary depending on the acidity of the milk, the temperature, processing parameters desired, time necessary for the specific cheese, fat, and the enzyme concentration.
To coagulate small amounts of milk, of less than 50 liters is necessary to increase the dosage to enter, to get coagulation in the same times (up to 1.5 grams/liter).
The Cynargal, can be diluted with fresh water if possible without the presence of chlorine (because it may lose part of activities) then quickly be added to the milk already heated.