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Salts for ricotta cheese - type 1 - pack of 10 kg

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Product description:

Salts for Ricotta - Type 1 - allows you to obtain a softer ricotta cheese.

Composed of complex mineral salts based on sulphate ions and magnesium ions.

Is used to adjust the salt content of sera or milk intended for the production of ricotta cheese.
Thanks to the complete saline neutralisation, a delicate and perfect outcrop of the ricotta cheese is obtained with the utmost respect for the soft and gelatinous structure, typically traditional with a general improvement in yield.

Salts for ricotta cheese must first be dissolved in water in the proportion of 5 kg in 25 litres at a temperature of about 60/70°C, in a well cleaned and disinfected container, using from 0.5 to 0.7 litres of this solution for every 100 litres of whey intended for the production of ricotta cheese. The addition is made when the serum temperature reaches between 80/90°C.
If the solution is not used in its entirety, it can be stored in the cell and then used to heat it up again and bring it to a temperature of 70°C.